color matching

Color Matching

You've made many decisions about your design regarding color, fonts, and imagery for your custom printed glassware. You have a vision of how your growler, glasses, or tasters should look. Color matching is a vital part. Our ink manufacturer has developed software called Marbau ColorManager (MCM). This software lets us match Pantone® colors on your glassware. With affordable multi-color printing, you can keep your marketing efforts the same across all platforms. Like we say “Your Brand. Your Colors. Never Settle”.

Our Process

Our ink manufacturer, Marabu, makes color matching accurate and efficient, using their Marabau ColorManager software. This vast database allows us to enter in the Pantone® colors for your job. The database will give us the formula to mix for that particular color depending on the color of glass. This mixture will include what inks to use and the amount of each needed. The software also lets us store modified ink formulas as well. This method helps us with consistency in repeating your color job after job.

Once we have mixed the desired color, we'll make a test print for color and registration. In this process, the inks cured on the press at this time, therefore we can see the correct color right away before the production run starts! We’ll match the color on the glassware to the physical Pantone® book for final color accuracy. If for some reason the color does not match the Pantone® book, we’ll make adjustments to the formula and remix the color. When the color matches the Pantone® book, we'll enter the new formula into the Marabu ColorManager and hit save. This way we can repeat the color months or years later.

Once the color is matched, and only then, will we start the production run for your job. It’s this process that we ensure color accuracy time after time. We strive to be your trusted partner in custom decorated glassware.

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