free set-up & screens

Free set-up & screens

Yep, that's right. At Coburn Pressworks, we offer free set-up & screens. We do not charge for screens, regardless of the number of colors in your art. Some of our competitors charge $40 per screen, per color and we understand that adds up quickly! There is no additional cost to set-up your print ready art.

We know that in the fast-moving world of craft beverage marketing, looks need to change to stay fresh. We don’t want a costly fee to stand in the way of keeping your materials fresh and exciting for your customers.

Additionally, we firmly believe that your brand is important, and all of the colors of your brand are important. Putting a high-priced fee on additional colors is counterproductive to helping you with your marketing efforts.

Your Brand. Your Colors. Never Settle.

View our artwork specifications for file types, colors, and fonts.