Fully Customized Keg Collars


Keg it and tag it!

Now offering fully customized keg collars! Keg collars are printed up to four colors and come in three different paper choices; standard, advanced, premium. Coburn Pressworks prints the collars at our facility in Whitewater, WI, allowing us to control the entire product process. This assures competitive pricing paired with great customer service. See product specifics below.

Standard Collars – Standard Collars are our most economical option. The collar is printed on 10-point weight stock and is coated on one side.

Advanced Collars – Advanced Collars are our middle ground option. The stock weight is 24-point and is coated on one side. You can feel the difference.

Premium Collars – Premium Collars are our highest-quality option. Printed on 17-point weight textured blotter stock, these collars leave an impression.

Ready to Order

Are you ready to order or build your customized quote? Head on over to our keg collar order page and let’s get started!


Are your collars TTB approved?

It is the responsibility of the brewery to obtain label approval from the TTB.  Please contact the TTB for your keg collar label requirements and label approval.  Head to the TTB website for more information.

If you need a digital file to send to the TTB, we are able to send you that file free of charge with your confirmed order.

Can you help me with a keg collar design?

Sure, we have a full art department on staff and are willing to assist with keg collars. We can even send you a sample kit of the three different stocks you can choose from.

What is your keg collar lead time?

Our lead time is typically 10 business days. If you need these sooner, just ask and will do our best to get you your collars quicker.